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CarrierDirect's Training Series Recap

You know the importance of training your people, but did you know a poor training program is frequently a root issue for a variety of other problems? Without a robust and intentional training program you risk higher turnover rates, slower growth, and even a lower ROI on your tech investments. Proper training empowers your people to work more effectively and efficiently, while also creating a healthy company culture by showing that you are invested in your people.

We put together this series to help you understand the different types of training and to share tips and resources for building and strengthening your own training programs. 

Here is a recap of all four posts in our training series.


Training: An Investment with Multiple Returns

The first post in our series discusses the stages of training you should be investing in for both short-term and long-term benefits. 


New Hire Training: Finding the Right Balance

The second post presents us with three scenarios to illustrate the importance of finding the right balance with new hire training. Spoiler alert: It should be a healthy mix of instructional and experiential training.


Ongoing Training: A Resource Guide for Transportation & Logistics

External resources can augment your internal training efforts in a valuable way, especially when it comes to ongoing training. 

*Bonus* We also provide tips for your internal ongoing training program! 


4 Tips to Develop your Developmental Training Program

There are lots of things to think about as you future-proof your team, so we’ve put together a few pointers to help you provide developmental training that is valuable and accessible to your people, as well as realistic and relevant for your business. 


We hope you find these informative and useful!

CarrierDirect has helped develop training programs for multiple companies in the transportation and logistics space, and we are passionate about the progress we are making in this industry. Want to learn more about how CarrierDirect can help you with your own training program?

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Teresa Ronquillo is the marketing lead at CarrierDirect. She enjoys reading, writing, yoga, and learning about all things #logistics, #transportation, and #supplychain.

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