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REPOST: The Right Talent - Recruiting, Training, and Retaining - The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Joe Lynch invited Director of Engagement, Ryan Schreiber to talk about "The RIGHT Talent" on the Logistics of Logistics Podcast. Ryan discusses the CarrierDirect approach to recruiting, training, and retaining the right talent for your business.

Some major take aways:

  • Recruiting - think about recruiting as sales. You need to be identifying the right targets, making sure there's a fit, and invest giving the candidate the optimal experience.
  • Training - make the time to train, and coach, as the number one input into retaining top talent
  • Retaining - be open about what a successful relationship looks like, and build to a mutually beneficial working relationship


Listen in for more the how-to's and reach-out to us with any questions!

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