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Socket has Entered the Chat

The last few weeks, we have been focusing on the topic of integrations in freight. The challenges many companies have with leveraging them, the evolution of APIs in freight, and most recently, the need we see for a freight-specific integration platform.

The time has come for Socket to enter the chat.

What is Socket?

Socket is a configurable platform developed to enable easier, faster integration between shippers, brokers, and carriers, and technology providers while offloading maintenance and management of the integrations.

  • Socket monitors and measures API calls.
  • Socket can configure any data type to match your partner systems.
  • Integrate one time with Socket and we will build and maintain the configurations for data flowing between your system and those of your customers.

We are seeing API integrations in freight become more and more valuable, yet we are not seeing enough businesses leverage them for maximum benefits. With our 6+ years of experience building integrations for multiple players in the transportation and logistics space, we knew we were in a unique position to help more businesses leverage API integrations.  We’ve become experts in this integration space, and helping freight companies be more productive and get on a faster path to business growth is part of our mission, so it only made sense for us to create a freight-specific integration platform.

This is why we developed Socket. Socket eliminates the need to start from scratch for each integrations as many companies do when building a new integration. Socket significantly reduces the time needed to get new integrations up and running. It is also affordable and makes integrations easier for you to maintain… because Socket monitors and maintains APIs for you.

The goal with Socket is to make it easy for shippers, brokers, and carriers to share data from their systems with your partners' systems programmatically. Building integrations is a worthwhile task to outsource because it enables your engineers to focus on tech that will differentiate you, rather than on back end integrations. So now it's official, Socket has entered the chat. Are you ready to chat more about Socket?

Interested or want to learn more? Sign up to be a Socket Early Adopter!

Or submit the early adopter form below:

[Video Transcript:

Carriers, brokers, shippers, 3rd party freight tech companies, you need to be able to share data between your systems and your partners’ systems programmatically. You also need to integrate third-party data into your workflows.

Brokers, you need to post your available loads and source more capacity. You also need to be able to integrate visibility data to keep your customers happy.

API integrations help accomplish these goals, but they are expensive to build, time-consuming to monitor & maintain, and take valuable resources away from your engineers.

This is why CarrierDirect created SOCKET. A freight-specific integration solution.

Socket is a configurable integration platform developed to enable easier, faster integration between freight businesses while offloading maintenance and management of the integrations.

Are you ready to leverage APIs to increase productivity, boost automation, and fuel your business growth?

Contact us or sign up via the link to learn more.]


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