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[Free Ebook] Risk Management: Stress Testing for Intermediaries

Intermediaries, 3PLs, Freight Brokerages, Managed Transportation Providers,

Are you taking a proactive approach to risk management?

Do you stress test? Do you know what you would do in certain unfortunate scenarios?

Could you some guidance on stress testing and risk management and mitigation?

We created this guide to help you assess your company’s weak spots, identify where contingency planning is necessary, and to provide pro tips for minimizing the impact of a worst case scenario.

stress test guide cover image with shadowGet the guide now! ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

This guide includes a few worst case scenarios in which an intermediary, 3PL, freight brokerage, or managed transportation provider would experience severe stress on its teams and processes. 

Do you have a plan in place if any of the following scenarios were to occur?

  • You lose a big account
  • Your key players leave
  • A driver on one of your shipments experiences an emergency
  • You have a drastic increase in customer demand

Better yet, are you making an intentional effort to minimize the chance that one of these negative scenarios should occur?

Even with the best planning in place, unfortunately some atypical scenarios are still bound to happen in our freight and transportation world.

We truly hope these things never happen to you, but we do recommend modeling out how they would impact your business so you can mitigate risk if needed. 

Teresa Ronquillo is the marketing lead at CarrierDirect. She enjoys reading, writing, yoga, and learning about all things #logistics, #transportation, and #supplychain.

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