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[Client Success Story] FreightPlus

FreightPlus was on a mission to build the foundation for a strong capacity strategy.

While they were on the right track, this was an undertaking they had never done before. With the help of CarrierDirect, they swiftly developed the organization design, roles & responsibilities, defined SOPs, developed training materials, organized a change management plan, and successfully set the foundation for FreightPlus’s capacity strategy. FreightPlus estimates that without the help of CarrierDirect, this project would have taken an additional 12+ months!

FreightPlus-CarrierDirect-Recommendation-QuoteNow, FreightPlus has foundational brokerage capabilities to scale with the needs of the business and is set up for long-term success. FreightPlus employees will benefit from the updated organization design and new training materials. FreightPlus shipping customers will benefit from FreightPlus's additional and improved capabilities.

The work CarrierDirect completed with FreightPlus resulted in more flexible solutions for FreightPlus customers and thus more value. All of this contributes to FreightPlus's already strong and healthy company culture that makes it a great place to work and a great company to work with.

Chris Peckham, Vice President of Operations at FreightPlus shares about the experience working with FreightPlus in this client testimonial video:


Video Transcript:

So here at FreightPlus, we identified the opportunity to open up our own brokerage operation. Back in August of 2020, we got our operating authority. Now, here’s where CarrierDirect came in: We didn’t know how to start a brokerage operation. We really didn’t. We started down a path where we think that we could have gotten to where we are today, but it would have taken at least another year to get there. CarrierDirect was able to come in, put together a very robust project plan, fully equipped with milestones, KPIs, and even more importantly, they helped us with the SOPs, they helped us with productivity KPIs. So now today, here we are just a few months after we got our own operating authority, if I look back to September of last year, we were operating maybe 7% of the available freight. Now we’re operating 70 [%]. We’ve grown the team by threefold, and each new hire that we have seems to be getting ramped up and more productive even quicker, and that’s because of all of the great work CarrierDirect did for us.

Adam Perlmutter, Consultant at CarrierDirect commented, “The FreightPlus team was a pleasure to work with due to the team’s engagement and willingness to make changes to their business to set themselves up for success in the long term."

Our best clients are the ones who are open-minded to change and are enthusiastic about progress and growth and the hard work that comes along with that. The FreightPlus team exemplified these characteristics. We see great things for their business, and we are honored and proud to have been able to work with them.

It’s all part of our CarrierDirect mission to help transportation and logistics companies in ways where we can contribute to a more efficient world together.

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At CarrierDirect, we're on a mission to help supply chains, transportation, and logistics companies overcome obstacles toward progress and growth, so we can contribute to a more efficient world together. 

Teresa Ronquillo is the marketing lead at CarrierDirect. She enjoys reading, writing, yoga, and learning about all things #logistics, #transportation, and #supplychain.

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