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4 New Offerings & Capabilities Designed for Supply Chain

Since 2011, carriers, 3PLs, shippers, and logistics technology vendors have looked to CarrierDirect to deliver strategy, go-to-market plans, and technology to elevate your business above your competition. We provide strategy and technology consulting designed to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and enable you to meet your business objectives.

To meet client demand in the wake of Covid 19, tariff wars, changes in sourcing strategies, and changes in consumer expectations, CarrierDirect is expanding our supply chain offerings and capabilities to help companies improve supply chain visibility and insights. These new offerings build upon the strong logistics capabilities CarrierDirect is already known for. We now have four new offerings to further support your business needs.



Supply Chain Assessment and Benchmarking

Measuring supply chain performance is key to optimization. An effective assessment and benchmarking process is critical to understanding performance gaps as well as reporting on progress. CarrierDirect now has tools to thoroughly assess the current state of your supply chain, so we can then identify gaps and help you solve them.


Transportation and Distribution Strategy

Due to changes in working locations and changes in consumer expectations, the need to offer same-day shipping or next-day delivery will continue to increase. CarrierDirect works with you to optimize your distribution network while meeting customer expectations at the lowest delivered costs.


Supply Chain Resiliency

Due to the global pandemic, tariff wars, and natural disasters, companies are having to take a fresh look at their supply chains and operating models to reduce disruption and risk. CarrierDirect works with companies to develop disruption plans and implement risk monitoring tools, dashboards, and reporting tools to allow our clients to take proactive actions to lower risk of impact to their operations.


Sales and Operations Planning

Covid 19 spikes, tariff wars, and changing sourcing strategies will cause companies to move away from historical planning and forecasting processes to drive demand and manufacturing plans. CarrierDirect works with companies to develop new S&OP programs to move to a short term consumption planning cycle to optimize supply chains.

As businesses, we can’t control the obstacles that come our way, but we can control how we adapt to and overcome them. CarrierDirect is here to help you adapt, overcome, and continue to grow and succeed.


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Tony Nichols
Tony Nichols
Tony Nichols has joined CarrierDirect to help lead the growth of our Supply Chain Capability. Tony has over 25 years of experience in industry and consulting across all functions of the supply chain including planning, distribution, transportation, procurement, manufacturing and the technologies that support it such as TMS, WMS, and ERP. Tony previously held consulting supply chain leadership roles at Capgemini, The Hackett Group, Deloitte and Accenture. He started his career in industry in supply chain positions at Kraft, Monsanto, Clorox, and the Walt Disney Company.

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