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Find CarrierDirect at FreightWaves F3

The long-awaited FreightWaves F3 Future of Freight Festival 2021 has come and gone. It was a fantastic event, and CarrierDirect is proud to have been a National Sponsor! We participated in a few events and hosted a few of our own too. If you missed anything or want to catch some replays, we've rounded up all the info below:


TUESDAY, NOV 9, 2021

10:05 AM CT / 11:05 AM ET

Catch our Rapid Fire Demo of Lattis Link presented with Transportation Insight

- On the F3 Virtual Main Stage

Catch our presentation during Block 1 of Rapid Fire Demos on Tuesday, Nov 9.

In this demo, we follow the lifecycle of a Parcel in the Lattis Link system. Lattis is a network of first, middle, and final mile carriers and consolidation points that can operationally move a parcel from Shipper to Recipient anywhere in the U.S. Lattis Link is also a single set of APIs that makes accessing that capacity simple and easy. Lastly Lattis is a fully managed service with end-to-end visibility, integrating all relevant updates into a unified platform so that the end customer’s shipping experience is that or better than they would get when compared to a national carrier.


Dan Weiss, Senior Vice President of Parcel Innovation Center
Joel Bennett, Director of Product Management at CarrierDirect


1 PM CT / 2 PM ET 

Chat with an Industry Expert 

Who's the expert? It's none other than Adam Perlmutter himself. You know him as P-Mutt, co-host of The Extra Mile Podcast by CarrierDirect, and all around great guy.

Come chat with him about capacity strategy, variable compensation, or his son's recent 3rd birthday bash!

Chat with an Expert - Adam---


11:20 AM CT / 12:20 PM ET

Fireside Chat with Peter Rentschler & Craig Fuller

- On the F3 Virtual Main Stage

Grab your hot cocoa and get cozy because this Fireside Chat is going to be a good one!

Catch the replay of Peter and Craig talking FreightTech, M&A strategies and other brokerage transformations here




1:30 PM CT / 2:30 PM ET 

#AMA with Peter Rentschler and Ryan Schreiber

You read that right. It’s an Ask Me Anything session with our very own #influencers: Our CEO Peter Rentschler and our VP of Industry & Growth, Ryan Schreiber. Ask them about trends, tech, or their pets. 

CarrierDirect AMA Nov 10 at 130 PM CT--- 


9:30 AM CT / 10:30 AM ET

Freightwaves And Ryderventures Announce The FreightTech 25

- On the F3 Virtual Main Stage

The FreightTech Award honors innovation and disruption within the freight industry. Nominations are narrowed down to the FreightTech 100 which is then voted on by a hand-picked peer group of CEOs, industry leaders and investors actively investing in freight to select the FreightTech 25.

CarrierDirect makes the FreightWaves FreightTech 25 list! Read more about it here.


12 PM CT / 1 PM ET 

Chat with an Industry Expert 

Who are the experts? For this segment, they are the brilliant Lisa Bruno and the strongest man in logistics, Robert Bain. They each bring 15 years of experience in transportation & logistics to the table, and they have contributed a wealth of knowledge to the quality content you've seen recently from CarrierDirect.

Ask questions, take polls, and learn what the experts are excited about these days in freight.

Topics may include but not be limited to: freight brokerage best practices, M&A, snowboarding, or powerlifting!



1 PM CT / 2 PM ET 

Socket Q&A

What is Socket?  Learn more about it and sign up to be an early adopter: Simplifying Integrations in Freight.SOCKET Q&A


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