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CarrierDirect Awarded Freightwaves FreightTech100 for the 3rd Year


Blog Post CarrierDirect Awarded Freightwaves FreightTech 100 for 3rd Year in a Row

The FreightWaves FreightTech 100 award is given to those with the most votes in the industry,  the industry. While a lot of things this year are different here at CarrierDirect, finding CarrierDirect on the FreightTech 100 isn’t one of them. For the third year in a row, CarrierDirect has been named to the FreightTech 100 because of our undying passion to Transform the Supply Chain with practical engineering and future-forward technology.

We’ve been building industry leading applications for and with some of the biggest, forward-thinking, and greatest companies in the industry. We just keep pushing forward - like using our proprietary Rules Engine technology to power one of the greatest freight marketplaces in the world - or our integration platform, SOCKET, that is designed to connect trade partners effortlessly and at a low cost.  We are proudly building the team you need to help transform your organization to become more competitive and more profitable in an industry that is rapidly changing, highly competitive and fraught with disruption. 

And none of this is as nice as the industry recognition for the work we do behind the scenes. Thank you to our clients and FreightWaves for the recognition and congratulations to the other companies recognized.

If you are a shipper looking to optimize your supply chain, or a logistics provider in need of a future-forward enterprise technology architecture, we are here to help. If you want to learn more, email us today!

We really have one more thing to say.

Thank you so very much to everyone we’ve worked with for being our partners, pushing that extra push, and joining our impassioned mission to Transform.

Joseph Juhnke
Joseph Juhnke
A technologist with a fancy for transportation logistics and the future.

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