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API Integrations in Freight | The Extra Mile Podcast by CarrierDirect

Episode 5: API Integrations in Freight with Sean Kelly | The Extra Mile Podcast by CarrierDirect

Congratulations to P-Mutt and his wife on their four year wedding anniversary!  Congratulations to Bain’s son Austin on getting into his first choice college with scholarship!

And, shoutout to all the awesome events CarrierDirect is participating in and hosting at this week's FreightWaves F3 Virtual Experience

In this episode, our hosts chat with CarrierDirect’s Director of Product, Sean Kelly about API Integrations in Freight.

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Leveraging APIs enables you to:

  • Increase connectivity with your customers, partners, and vendors
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase automation

However, many freight companies struggle finding time to:

  1. Prioritize APIs
  2. Integrate with them
  3. Make sure the upstream and downstream workflows are all in place to make it all work well

What are some use cases for API integrations in freight?

  • You might want to integrate rating data to compare to your rate quotes
  • You might need to deliver tracking information data back to a third party visibility platform
  • You might be a freight broker trying to get more loads, so you want to integrate with one of your key shippers’ TMSs.

Learn more about the challenges freight faces in leveraging APIs here.

Read more about the evolution of APIs in freight here.


An integration is only as good as the data that goes into it.

Integration not only makes the user's life better, but it can make all of us more productive, efficient, and sustainable as we move forward to the next generation of technology and supply chain.

The freight industry can benefit greatly from more players leveraging APIs, but managing this work in-house is time-consuming, expensive, and detracts your engineers from working on tech that differentiates you.

This is why CarrierDirect created Socket...

Interested? Have questions? Contact Sean at

Or sign up to be a Socket Early Adopter!

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